The Nice Way to Deal with Crushes: To All the Boys I’ve ever Loved by Jenny Han

Have you ever had any crushes before? Of course you did because you would be asking yourself if you were asexual or not if you didn’t (don’t worry, I asked myself that question once. IT WAS ONCE.) In this book, she didn’t have one or two, she had five crushes (but not all at the same time, that’s crazy) The thing is, she didn’t want them to know nor did she have any plans to tell them. But she was clever, getting over those boys was like a piece of cake to her. Girls, we should take some advice from her.

All she did was write a letter to each of the boys she’d ever loved that consists of her feelings and treasured memories. But the thing is, she didn’t send it to them. Never did she ever thought of sending those letters to them. Instead, she stored them in a place only she would know. Or so she thought.

From the author of The Summer I turned Pretty comes another great story about a girl whose life became  whirlwind of disaster ever since the letters were mysteriously mailed from one crush to another. A game of pretend becomes real with a mention of a single letter. One turned to love and the other turned to an unrequited love (it’s complicated. Just smile and nod. If you want to ‘get’ it, READ 😀 )

If it could be made, I would give it 6 out of 5 takoyakis (still. And it’s possible to give 6 out 5) but then, the ending was… unsatisfying and I wanted to throw the book across the room but it wasn’t mine. And I wouldn’t really do that to a book. Good thing this book is getting a sequel! (Yaaaay, it’s called P.S. I Still Love You)

There’s a possibility that I’m nocturnal since I’ve made 2 reviews at 3 in the morning with my best friend sleeping on the couch, not even halfway through Sherlock. I blame the soda.

P.S. This entry was written in Nov. 30 in my notebook. I couldn’t sleep bc I was scared. O>O Slept at 4, woke up at 7. Really productive day that was.